All Images via Homepolish

Man. That chair. I must have it.

A while back, I got my e-newsletter from Homepolish and it featured a fantastic makeover of the Hello Giggles offices. Yknow, Zooey Deschanel’s company she started with several friends?


Orlando Soria brought the magic that he brings and this office is just begging me to move right in. Though, because I am a dreadful slob, they will move my ass right on out.


I am in love with the nice airy space, and obsessed beyond words with the custom pinboard Orlando created. I mean, I am a total #victim for not having one of my own (if you don’t follow him on Instagram, you have no idea what I am talking about…) We need to work on that, if he was ever going to put himself in the horrific situation of coming to these dreadful parts…(this is where he comes in and says he would really be a #victim because it’s St. Louis and you just never know…and he wouldn’t be wrong!)

Follow these links (here and here) and gaze upon the gorgeousness that is the Orlando Soria designed Hello Giggles office makeover. Then you too can be a #victim of it’s glory.

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