Boy, that was an extended vacation!  I thought that would last, eh, a week, but being lazy every evening sure felt GOOD.  Not to mention the fact that I’ve been fighting some sort of sinus infection slash virus for over a month, and that’s getting on every nerve I have.

I did toy a little with a few video posts, and I can’t tell if it was my sick voice (which is pathetic and sad) or just poor recording, but I think I am going to hold off longer on those. That and they’re just way too long.

Seeing all of these January 2015 (!!!) issues of magazines pile up on my nightstand is getting a little crazy. Where did 2014 go?

Short update:

I have a car now, it just arrived about 2 weeks ago after waiting 10 weeks for the ordered vehicle to be built. Spoiler alert, I got a Subaru. I have a post in the works about the literal Test Drive, and I need to finish it and the artwork.  I am cussing at everyone on the road, and the roads itself, and the weather for anything that comes near it. I hate anyone parking near me, driving near me, looking at it, etc. I already have scratches and chips from stuff bouncing on it (ignore the giant bird poop in this first photo…) so that has me freaking out.



In fact, yesterday morning, on my way to work, I was behind a scuzzbucket who decided to empty what was literally a full trashcan worth of garbage out her window while driving down the highway on a really rainy morning. She was oblivious to 1) the fact that it’s illegal to litter and 2) the fact that most of that, soda cans, etc., would maybe do some real damage and potentially cause an accident behind her. But she didn’t care, because she was dancing her ass off like she was still in da club.  Ridiculous.

I failed tremendously to post my gift guides this year…I know, I suck.

Otherwise…the basement is literally inches away from completion and it looks FABULOUS. I can’t wait to show you all the before and after.

And I fell dreadfully far off the Paleo wagon which I am really hoping to rectify.

I am seriously working on posts and hope to have them go live again with regularity in the new year. I may scale back to every other day, but I do want to get back to daily posting.  Thank you to the devoted readers who have kept up with me on social media and have reached out asking me to update everyone and get back to regular posting!

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