So…you’re over there thinking, “and you are? Bitch, please, you’ve been gone forever.”

I appreciate everyone checking in on my over the last..uh..year or more? Life has been going along at warp speed over here. I get really mad at myself that I have not kept up with this site like I planned to, and that my weeks and weekends just fly by and I never get what I have planned accomplished.

Some of the messages (a lot of messages–thank you!) were asking if I would ever return, and yes, I am going to return, this really isn’t the post “returning” and I am ashamed that I am “explaining away” why I keep getting too damn busy with life to post. I will give a better update in another post eventually, really that deserves several posts.

Despite a ton of practicing, and trying to learn some editing software, I did sideline vlogging for a while. The biggest deterrents were not my decidedly Jabba-esque appearance and voice…they were that I don’t really know how to “act” on camera, and that my house looks like a fucking shit show, basically always. My eyes don’t go where they should, and I suck at enunciating. My sister would probably be commenting on my utterances, and what those utterances consist of, as well. I’ve been practicing a lot lately though, because as noted on Instagram way back when, I am going to try it. Eventually.

But enough about that…I need to get myself back on track, and I do have a few things I want to review. Yes, actual, tangible things that are still available to buy and are not just “limited edition” rarities like the Charlotte Tilbury palette from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  I also want to talk about how I’ve also gained, then lost a lot of weight, done way too much shopping in general (what the fuck else is new!?), and I am doing some harsh editing, returning and making a selection of things I can do a “blog sale” with that I don’t fit into anymore, and that I haven’t used in a while–stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, keep up with me on Instagram, since I am the most active on there.


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