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Thank you for choosing “Magic Carpet” for all your travel needs. Don’t stand until the rug has come to a complete stop. Thank you. Goodbye, now. Goodbye. Goodbye. Thank you. Goodbye.  

This was kind of a rough week. I won’t entertain a political discussion, and I will be very brief in stating this next thought. The St. Louis area is now on the world stage for an absolutely horrifying incident involving the murder of an unarmed teenager by a uniformed, on-duty police officer. The reaction that has followed is disturbing, a powder keg has been opened. And how it’s being handled should scare the hell out of everyone. I am so relieved that the new command that took over yesterday appears to have restored some calm to the area. Antonio French, an Alderman that covers that ward of St. Louis County, has been an incredible source of support to the community and continuous information to all, despite his unwarranted arrest Wednesday night. I have so much more I could say about this, but I said I’d keep it brief. And just so we are clear: I am not going to tolerate any inappropriate comments regarding this situation.

Amid that fury, the world learned of the devastating loss of Robin Williams, after a tumultuous life.  He was making us all laugh and feel, and doing everything he could to brighten the lives of others with his charitable work. A genuinely kind man, by all accounts, and a fantastic and loving father, from the accounts of his kids.  But on the inside, he was tormented and fighting some demons he ultimately could not defeat.  His struggle wasn’t always private, and frankly, the world is better for that, if it gets some dialogue going about how to help this mentality that mental illness is a weakness that humanity cannot tolerate.  Let’s squash that bug, please.  Rest in the peace you so desperately craved, Genie, and I hope your family can find some of their own.

Following the loss of that amazing creature, news of Lauren Bacall’s passing made the rounds. A legend of film and stage, she seemed more known for her marriage to Humphrey Bogart, and her subsequent fling with Sinatra shortly after her late husband’s death.  It baffles me that it wasn’t until the 90s that she was even nominated for an Oscar. Blasphemy.  Now, madam, you are a Legend.

Image via Oh Happy Day blog

On to other topics of a brighter nature.  Being in the wedding business, these new lights from Bright Lab, a company owned and developed by Oh Happy Day! Blogger and Party Planner Jordan Ferney, are seriously brilliant! I am freaking out over how customizable the options are!

This system allows you to order a set, or many sets, that will go perfectly with just about any party theme, wedding color scheme or any room design out there. These would be rad for a kid’s nightlight.  Loving!  Also, kind of dying over the Ocean Blue set and the Leaves of Grass set. I am not totally predictable, am I?

wsj via wireimage

Image via WSJ via Wireimage

An avid viewer of Wayne Goss’s amazing videos, I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Charlotte Tilbury’s products in the US. I picked up the Filmstar Bronze and Glow set (no longer available via Nordstrom) that was available as a Beauty Exclusive during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale last month, and that just got me more excited about the rest of her line.


The product I am most excited to try is her “Magic Cream.”  She used to hand mix it to use on clients, and it became a sensation. The product is intended to plump up the skin with a significant amount of moisture, and contains a base of damask rose water, hyaluronic acid and a “bionymph peptide complex” plus a mixture of oils, including rosehip and camellia and vitamins A, C, and E. Soon it will be available for purchase stateside, and will likely be at a painful price. But if it’s magic, and all the reviews are raves thus far, it will probably be well worth it.  Cannot wait for it to hit Nordstrom and Beautylish, in September.


TomFordFall2014 glamour

The more swatches and leaks that come out about the Tom Ford Nude Dip Palette, the more ravenous I get for it. I have spoken against his quads in the past, because I feel that wasting at least one pan of a $70+ quad on glitter is shameful, but this quad, without a glittery pan in sight, is making me eat those words.

TomFordFall2014 nudedip

Tom Ford Press Images

Tom Ford Press Images

I am feverishly refreshing all of the known online outlets just hoping it will go live for purchase. I keep hoping Nordstrom will get it, so I can snatch it, and the new Concealing Pen, up. The  Beauty Professor swatched them and now I must try.


Gucci Press Image

Gucci Press Image

Speaking of new beauty–GUCCI has an opulent new beauty line on it’s way out for Fall 2014, created by Frida Giannini (Gucci’s amazing Creative Director) and Pat McGrath, makeup artist wonderwoman. Check out the details on WWD (requires subscription) and, including more images.


I couldn’t wait any longer on my “need” to have the Boden Eliza Coat. I know they will surely have a better discount than 20% off, which they did on Wednesday when I ordered it…but that was enough for me and my uncontrollable urge. I went with a 16, their “size predictor” said 14 based on my previous orders, but I am nervous the shoulders will be snug, which tends to be my hardest to fit area in jackets besides my gut.  I also bought the Ravello Top in Beetroot Floral, and the Wrap Top in the Green Beads pattern.


This is the other floral pattern, but equally amazing!

This is the other floral pattern, but equally amazing!

Boy am I building a collection of their wrap tops. They are spec-tacular.  They work with my weird body, are not clingy and can be dressed up or down with ease.  I wear a 16 in these tops, and that is the perfect size. It’s fitted without being skintight, and loose enough without being baggy.  I don’t feel exposed on top when I go without a cami, but usually when I wear them to work, I do wear them over my usual Lane Bryant Cami, and on colder days, I’ll put a cardi over top. Perfect.

I have another jam-packed weekend of order fulfillment, wedding band shopping with my brother and his fiancé and a bridal shower. Somewhere in there I will get my roots done. And sleep. Maybe.

Have a great weekend!

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