All images by {accordingtoame}

All images by {accordingtoame}

As you may recall, my brother recently got married. I shared a few photos of my “look” on Facebook, promising to share the rundown of my self-applied makeup with you.  Due to time constraints that day, I did not take the time to stop and take photos as I worked, there just was no way to keep on schedule and do that as well. I did have my mother-in-law snap some afters for me though, right before we left!

I went for an exaggerated “bronze smoky eye”, exaggerated by comparison to my daily look, anyway. Part of my reasoning was longevity, but I also needed to make sure nothing washed out in photos, which often is the case. I didn’t go so overboard as to look like a hooker, but then again, my daily look is a bit on the hookery side.

accordingtoame weddingmakeup faceshot4

This was actually a “does it still look good” shot before photos. It just happened to show the makeup really well!

On an average day, I don’t tend to take the time anymore to apply the full foundation, and will usually just stick to concealer and powder, occasionally It! Cosmetics CC+ Cream.  I’ve scaled back in that department just to have more time to get prepared in other areas in the morning. However for a wedding, I broke out the big guns, because I needed coverage and staying power, and a solid base for everything else.

I chose to use my full-coverage long-wear standby, Lancome Tient Idole Ultra 24H Makeup, in shade is 100N Ivoire (their palest shade), which I apply with a dampened Beauty Blender sponge. I applied an even layer all over, and an extra layer around my eyes for added coverage and as prep for concealer. After it set, I applied 3 coats of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla around my eyes, and blended with a combination of the Beauty Blender and my fingers to get the best coverage. I then touched up any spots around my face that needed any extra coverage before applying a dusting of It! Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Flush Pressed Cheek Stain in Matte Sweet Apple. I did that before I powdered AND after I powdered to get the extra color and staying power, as I was not going to be able to touch up through the day.

accordingtoame weddingmakeup faceproducts

After applying the first layer of the blush, I then set everything with a pressed on coat of Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro Powder in Shade 1-Fair, using one of my Bare Minerals Ready puffs, before using my It! Cosmetics Heavenly Ball Brush powder brush to dust all over. I have been testing this powder out for a few weeks and I like it quite a lot. It’s pretty pricey though, so I have not decided if I will be repurchasing it. I have yet to hit pan, though, with daily use. After that, I took another of my Heavenly Ball Brushes and lightly dusted some of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette under my eyes, on my upper cheekbones, and lightly along my forehead and t-zone for light reflection.

At this stage, I decided to apply a light mist of setting spray, just as a good time out. I used the MakeUpForEver O2 setting mist for this round. I have been trying this version of their standby out since picking up a small bottle at their freestanding boutique in Dallas this past May. I like it a lot, though I still prefer the Urban Decay All Nighter.

accordingtoame weddingmakeup eyes2

Once the setting spray had dried down and I was confident it was safe to move on, I curled my lashes with my Tweezerman curler, and moved on to my brows. I am a die-hard fan of the Brett Friedman VanityMark brow powder in Gingerella, so much so that when I found out he was discontinuing the single-pan shade, I stockpiled the hell out of it (I seriously have 6 pans, and it looks like there’s still some left!). It is seriously the best shade for a coppery redhead.

After the brows were perfected, I recurled my lashes with a little more gusto (almost overcurling since I knew they would droop a bit), and set forth to the real masterpiece.  My first step was to line right into the lashline with the Tarte Skinny SmolderEYES pencil in Sunstone Bronze, and smudge it lightly into the lashes. I went right over the top of that line with the Tarte SmolderEyes pencil in Bronze (the fat one), making a thicker than usual, slightly winged line, and smudging that into the lashes and outward. Once that set up, I went over my entire lid, undereye area and inner corner as I would on an average day, with my Cover Girl Champagne single shadow as a base.  At this point, I had simply done my usual morning eye, only slightly thicker and exaggerated.  This is where I started to enhance that.



accordingtoame weddingmakeup eyesshadow3

Starting with the Tom Ford Nude Dip Palette (limited edition for Fall and unfortunately is now sold out), I used the lightest shade, the pale champagne shimmer, to highlight the inner corner, and brow bone, for extra shimmer above my Cover Girl. Over the entire lid and just above the crease, I applied a slightly heavy dose of the rose gold shade, pressing it on for better color payoff vs shimmer.  With the Dolce and Gabanna Smoky Quad, I then “tightlined” along the lashline with an angled liner brush, with the black matte shade, really intensifying my lashline.  Over that, I applied the bronze shade from the same D&G palette, over top of my bronze pencil liner, intensifying it, and blending the black powder line.

I cleaned up any fallout, and dusted another light coating of the Cover Girl under my eye, before pressing on a little more of the Tom Ford Champagne shade over top for added light reflection.  I then dusted my face one last time lightly with the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Powder for all over setting.

accordingtoame weddingmakeup lashes4

Once I was satisfied with the intensity of the liner and smoke, there was some back and forth touching up standing in the window with a magnifying mirror and it was touch and go for a while, I applied two coats each of Maybelline’s Lash Discovery Waterproof, Maybelline’s Full and Soft Waterproof, and one coat of L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof mascaras for added depth.  After the mascara was set and dry, I misted a layer of the All Nighter Mist for staying power.  There was no need for a single touchup all day, and I had no issues with oil breakthrough at all.

accordingtoame weddingmakeup lips

On my lips, just before photos, I applied two coats of Julia’s Lip Tint in Caribbean Rose, with a light smear of Marc Jacobs lip balm over top. Perfection. And then promptly spilled 1/4 of the bottle of lip tint all over my Kleenex pile. No one said I was graceful. Just FYI—they call it a stain for a reason. My hands were pleasantly rosy all day.

And for posterity, and to show the extreme amount of product used for this look, not including the brushes…

accordingtoame weddingmakeup 1

Here is a shot of the finished makeup, and two with eyes closed.accordingtoame weddingmakeup faceshot1

accordingtoame weddingmakeup faceshot3

That is a mighty unflattering angle.

accordingtoame weddingmakeup faceshot2


I am so pleased with how the makeup looks. In viewing the professional images, it really translated well and I don’t think I would’ve changed a thing.

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